Assault Charges For Duct-Taped Frontier Passenger

NPR reports:

A passenger aboard a Frontier Airlines flight has been charged with three counts of battery. The passenger is accused of inappropriately touching two female flight attendants and punching a male attendant on Saturday. The flight crew then restrained the unruly passenger and used tape to ensure he stayed seated for the remainder of the flight.

While traveling from Philadelphia to Miami, Maxwell Wilkinson Berry, 22, was caught on camera shouting at the flight crew and other passengers. “My parents are worth more than f****** 2 million goddamn dollars!” Berry shouted. He continued to cry out, hollering at everyone within earshot, and declared that his grandfather is an attorney.

Heavy reports:

According to police, Berry touched a flight attendant’s butt with his empty cup and she told him, “don’t touch me.” Police said in its report that Berry spilled his third drink on himself and went to the bathroom from seat 28D, and emerged from there with no shirt on. A flight attendant told him he needed to be fully dressed and helped him find a shirt in his carry-on, police said.

While walking around the cabin, Berry is accused of groping the breasts of another flight attendant before being told to not touch her and to sit down, police said. Berry is also accused of grabbing her breasts a second time and also groping the breasts of the other flight attendant. According to video and the police report, a male flight attendant then tried to get Berry to sit down, and Berry punched him with a closed fist. He was then restrained.