Top GETTR Accounts Hacked To Read “Free Palestine”

The Insider reports:

GETTR, the new social media platform set up by allies of former President Donald Trump, was been hacked on the day of its July 4 launch. The platform’s most popular verified users, mostly former Trump aides, had their accounts compromised. GETTR’s official support page was also targeted.

Jason Miller, who founded the platform and was formerly a spokesperson to Trump, had his page taken over. The accounts of Mike Pompeo, Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Harlan Hill, Sean Parnell, and the pro-Trump broadcaster Newsmax were also hacked.

All of these account’s profiles were changed to show the same message: “@JubaBaghdad was here 🙂 ^^ free palestine ^^.”

Read the full article. The alleged hacker tells Insider that taking over the accounts was “technically easy.”