FL’s Red Counties Have Half The Vax Rate As Blue Ones

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports:

Almost everywhere in Florida, there is a clear pattern: A community’s support for former President Donald Trump’s election in 2020 is a stunningly accurate predictor of the likelihood residents are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus halfway through 2021. Higher support for Trump translates, with few exceptions, into lower COVID-19 vaccination rates. And in counties where President Joe Biden performed better, residents are generally much more likely to be vaccinated.

In the nine Florida counties in which Trump got 80% of the vote or more, 25.5% to 31% of adults were fully vaccinated, according to data current to midweek from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Counties in which Trump received less than 51% of the vote — his statewide total — had fully vaccinated adult populations ranging from 48.9% to 69.2.%.

Read the full article. On Friday, the Florida Department of Health reported a 47% rise in new COVID cases over the previous week.