Proud Boy Charged With Attacking Media At DC Riot

Raw Story reports:

Gabriel Brown, a YouTuber and Proud Boy who has rallied at Charlottesville and other fascist scenes, was arrested by the FBI today on charges of violence, property destruction and disorderly conduct at the January 6 riot.

Brown, 38, of the village of Bayville on Long Island, NY, “kicked and/or stomped on media equipment and verbally encouraged others to steal and destroy media equipment,” the FBI criminal complaint stated. Brown recorded himself and the event for his GB0083 YouTube channel, the FBI said.

“F*ck the AP. You f*cking frauds. You want to f*cking lie about all of us. Well, you know what, here, report this sh*t! Because your f*cking media is dead mother f*cker. It’s dead, the legacy media is dead.”

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