FBI Arrests YouTuber In Capitol Riot, Asks Trump To Pay His Legal Defense: “This All Happened Because Of You”

Washington’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Zvonimir Jurlina, of Farmington, New York is charged with destruction of property in a special jurisdiction and committing an act of physical violence on Capitol grounds. According to court documents filed Monday, Jurlina allegedly posted multiple videos to his “Zykotik” YouTube page appearing to show him participating in the Capitol riot. Investigators say those videos showed Jurlina kicking and trying to set cameras and other equipment on fire.

In a video that’s since been removed from his YouTube page, Zurlina describes himself as a patriot, and calls on former President Donald Trump to pay for his defense. “I am a real American patriot,” Jurlina says. “But I would like to say, Donald Trump, please pay for my legal fees, because this all happened because of you.” Jurlina was taken into custody Monday in Austin, Texas.

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