Sen. Ted Cruz Rages Over “Kremlin Cruz” Nickname

The Hill reports:

Sen. Ted Cruz(R-Texas) tore into journalist Brian Williams after the MSNBC anchor dubbed the lawmaker “Kremlin Cruz” during a segment last week. The dust-up came after Cruz criticized a video put out by the Pentagon telling the story of a recruit who marched for marriage equality before joining the armed forces.

The senator called it “woke” and “emasculating” to the U.S. military and shared his comment along with a Russian propaganda video depicting members of its military as strong and masculine.

Williams called the tweet a “remarkably stupid lapse of judgment” and displayed the nickname “Kremlin Cruz” on an on-air graphic below him as he spoke during the segment on his weeknight show on MSNBC.

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As you can see below, Cruz belittles Williams’ masculinity by accusing him of “throwing a hissy fit.”