Coding Experts Roast Lindell’s Site: This Is A Shit Show

Salon reports:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s social media site FRANK is facing ridicule from the community of “grandmasters” around the content management software Drupal, who say Lindell’s site was destined to fail from the start because his developers failed to take “elementary” coding steps to limit attacks from outside forces. Since its supposed “VIP launch” last Thursday night, Lindell’s platform has experienced numerous crashes, and at this writing on Thursday evening the site remains down.

Another Drupal expert found was that Lindell’s site was spitting out coded error messages to users, which leaves the platform vulnerable to attacks. “This is a shit show,” the expert said, calling this an “obvious” issue that coders learn how to prevent in “Drupal 101.” Others poked fun at the developers’ mistakes, which were described as “extremely obvious” and juvenile in nature.

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