Rep. Madison Cawthorn Even Lied About His Car Crash

The Washington Post reports:

Cawthorn said a close friend had crashed the car in which he was a passenger and fled the scene, leaving him to die “in a fiery tomb.” Cawthorn was “declared dead,” he said in the 2017 speech at Patrick Henry College. He said he told doctors that he expected to recover and that he would “be at the Naval Academy by Christmas.”

Key parts of Cawthorn’s talk, however, were not true. The friend, Bradley Ledford, who has not previously spoken publicly about the chapel speech, said in an interview that Cawthorn’s account was false and that he pulled Cawthorn from the wreckage.

An accident report obtained by The Washington Post said Cawthorn was “incapacitated,” not that he was declared dead. Cawthorn himself said in a lawsuit deposition, first reported by the news outlet AVL Watchdog, that he had been rejected by the Naval Academy before the crash.

Read the full article. As most of you might know, Cawthorn has outright invented or embellished virtually all of his brief history before entering politics. Since then he’s followed the Trumpian model of making many easily disproven claims. And like Trump, his lies have had virtually no effect on his popularity with the cultists.