Haters Rage After Amazon Removes Anti-Trans Book

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Ryan Anderson didn’t even know his book had been pulled. There was no warning, no notification from Amazon that the title had been removed. A reader tipped him off when he tried to buy a copy and couldn’t. That’s strange, Ryan thought, logging on to Amazon to see for himself. Sure enough — his bright blue and pink book cover, When Harry Became Sally, had been replaced with a message: this is no longer a functioning page. Because at Amazon, free speech is no longer a functioning principle.

“I hope you’ve already bought your copy,” Ryan tweeted Sunday, breaking the news. “Given the aggressive push on trans policies coming from the Biden administration, now is a great time to read it… before you no longer can.” Others, like Chad Greene — who identifies as a transgender — argued that “this book is enlightening, thoughtful, and well-researched. It provides necessary and important information on the science and social impact of the gender identity movement.”

Homocon Chad Greene, it’s worth noting, writes extensively against trans rights for The Federalist and I can find no evidence of claims to being transgender prior to this. He’s trolling and Perkins fell for it. Ryan T. Anderson, of course, works for the anti-LGBT hate group, the Heritage Foundation.