6200 Troops Arrive To Protect Biden Inauguration

The Military Times reports:

Troops from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Virginia joined those from D.C. Leaving their homes and jobs, the Guard troops are here, three days after two Air Force veterans were killed and three others died in an attempted insurrection.

They are here to help ensure it does not happen again. “I never thought I would see this in my own country,” said one of them, who, like other troops, spoke anonymously without authorization to speak on the record.

The soldier is part of a major mobilization effort that has seen about 6,200 National Guard troops flow into town from several nearby states. The troops are already all in town.

The New York Daily News reports:

The NYPD is sending at least 200 officers to join the security forces protecting Joe Biden’s inauguration Jan. 20 as Washington braces for violence from pro-Trump extremists, the Daily News has learned.

A police official told The News it got the request from the Metropolitan Police Department and will help secure Biden’s route to the Capitol. “It’s not a request that we take lightly, and it’s not something we often do,” the source said.