Sidney Powell Releases The Typo-Riddled Kraken

Mediaite reports:

The Kraken has been released. If — that is — the Kraken is a pair of befuddling, typo-addled lawsuits. Sidney Powell, the attorney who was unceremoniously thrown under the bus and cut loose by other members of President Donald Trump’s legal team, has released lawsuit filings in Georgia and Michigan alleging election fraud. The Georgia lawsuit is being filed in United States Districct court.

Wait, that doesn’t look right. Let’s try that again. Powell is filing suit in the Northern Distrcoict of Georgia. Yes, Powell badly whiffed on the spelling of “district” twice in the first nine words of her legal filing — a most auspicious beginning. Those typos were just a harbinger of things to come. The word ballots appears as “abllots,” Washington D.C. is referred to as the “District of Colombia,” and the name of one of their witnesses is misspelled in two different ways.