Ben Carson: I Took The MyPillow Guy’s COVID “Cure”

The Washington Post reports:

When Ben Carson, Trump’s secretary of housing and urban development, came down with covid-19 last week, the former surgeon wasn’t worried. He had a Guy for that. “I heard about the oleander extract from Mike,” Carson said in an interview. “Mike” is Mike Lindell, the pillow magnate who served as a Trump campaign chairman in Minnesota; oleander extract is an unproven therapeutic remedy for the coronavirus that Lindell has been pushing.

Carson said he took the extract, which has not been approved for such purposes by the FDA and which experts say may be dangerous, and within hours his symptoms disappeared — to the delight of Lindell, who has a financial stake in the company that makes the extract. “Anybody who has ever gotten covid and taken it, they are fine in five hours, and the next day are running around playing floor hockey in the hallway,” said Lindell.

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