Lobbyists Have Spent $13.7M At Trump Properties

CREW reports:

CREW estimates that special interests seeking to gain favor with the administration have likely spent more than $13 million at President Trump’s businesses since he took office.

These groups — many of which spend heavily to lobby the federal government for favorable policies — have learned that holding lavish events at Trump properties is part of the cost of doing business in Trump’s Washington. According to tracking by CREW, such groups have hosted or sponsored 137 events at Trump properties during his time in office.

In most cases, it’s not known precisely how much these events cost, but the reports and documents that are available show that they can start in the high tens of thousands of dollars, with most ballooning well into six-figure territory.

All together, the millions spent at Trump properties by entities hoping to influence his administration represent only the events we know of. Neither President Trump nor his businesses are required to disclose this spending to the public, making it the perfect way for potential influencers to put money in his pocket.