Ingraham Blames DC Airport’s Empty International Terminal On “Insane Panic Pushing Liberal Governors”

Mediaite reports:

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham attempted to attack “liberal governors” as a leading cause of the ongoing economic crisis, but her choice of image to prove her case crash landed into reality. On Thursday afternoon, Ingraham tweeted out a “midday” photo of an empty airline terminal at Washington D.C.’s Dulles airport.

However, sharp-eyed observers quickly pointed out that she had posted a picture from Dulles’ international terminal. Even more notable, the check-in counters in the background were clearly identifiable as those of Lufthansa, a foreign airline based in Germany and Austria.

Those two countries, like more than dozens of others around the world, currently ban almost all international travelers from the U.S., because this country remains among the worst in the world in terms of coronavirus case positivity and deaths.