Trump Lie: I Was On Oprah During Her Final Week

The indefatigable Daniel Dale reports for CNN:

President Donald Trump makes a lot of false claims on issues that are crucial to Americans’ lives: the coronavirus pandemic, the election, health care, the economy. But Trump also makes a lot of false claims about trivial subjects nobody much cares about. One of the very strangest is about “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

For at least seven years, Trump has been claiming that he was so important to Oprah that she had him on her popular daytime talk show in its final week. He did it again in an interview released on Wednesday, the eve of a presidential debate.

“I had a lot of good relationships. Even Oprah. Her last couple of shows. You know, it was a big deal, who was gonna be her last week; I guess her last week. I was on her show for the last week. In other words, the entire show was devoted to — I think five different people. I was one of the five. Oprah liked me.”

Oprah’s final show was May 25th, 2011. Trump’s appearance on the show was February 7th, over three months earlier.

But you know who was on Oprah in her final month? Barack and Michelle Obama.

At Trump’s Michigan rally on Saturday, he claimed that Oprah campaigned with Hillary on the day before the 2016 election. That never happened either.