QAnon/GOP Senate Nominee Posts Racist RBG Meme

First a reminder on who we’re talking about:

Throughout most of 2019, Lauren Witzke avidly tweeted out QAnon content, particularly the cult’s “Where We Go One We Go All” slogan as the #WWG1WGA hashtag. She also was photographed wearing a QAnon shirt at a campaign event. She has moreover openly identified with the “America First” agenda, first touted by Donald Trump but now largely the purview of white nationalists.

Witzke herself has a long track record of dalliances and alliances with white nationalists. She has retweeted a pro-“Groyper” account which regularly posts racist and anti-Semitic content. In January, she followed a number of white nationalists on Twitter including Faith Goldy, Vincent Foxx, anti-Semite E. Michael Jones, Peter Brimelow, Nick Fuentes, Bronze Age Pervert, and Scott Greer, as well as designated hate groups.

And there’s this:

In interviews she’s given to other media outlets and podcasts, Witzke has claimed to have worked for Mexican drug cartels or “cartel families” as a “low-end drug-runner” or drug dealer transporting drugs between Detroit and Tennessee. “I was running drugs, actually, for the Mexican cartels,” Witzke told a Delaware radio station.

In August 2017, according to a police blotter published in a local newspaper, Witzke was arrested in Tennessee on a series of charges.

The newspaper noted that a woman named Lauren Witzke had been arrested on violating both heroin and methamphetamine laws, charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and introduction of contraband into a penal facility.

And this:

Witzke has also called herself a “flat earther” and spoken highly of the 9/11 conspiracy documentary “Loose Change,” which alleges the terror attack was committed by or connected to the U.S. government. “I’m a flat earther,” Witzke said in December. “I am such a flat earther.” “’Loose Change’ changed everything for me,” she said in October, calling the online videos a “great awakening moment.”

Which brings us to the meme she posted last night on her official campaign Facebook page. The post was deleted after outcry from her own supporters.