Dominionists: God Has Anointed The Handmaiden

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

On Tuesday, during an online event hosted by former Trump campaign adviser and POTUS Shield founder Frank Amedia, dominionist and anti-abortion activist Lou Engle recounted anti-abortion activist Matt Lockett’s prophetic dream in which Lockett said he grabbed Karen Pence by the shoulders and told her, “Remember the name Amy Coney Barrett!” Engle added to that dream, claiming the he had a dream about Barrett on Monday night. He then gave two decrees:

“Number one, before the principalities and power, before the angelic realm, before the very throne of God, ‘Remember the name Amy Coney Barrett! Remember the name Amy Coney Barrett!’ Yes, we begin to decree it from the throne room of God! ‘Remember the name Amy Coney Barrett!’ Secondly, we’re decreeing that President Trump is the William Wilberforce for the ending of the slave trade of abortion! We decree this in Jesus’ name.”

Engle last appeared on JMG in early March, when he launched three days of fasting so that God would “rebuke” the coronavirus and thereby allow “stadiums” to fill with Christ worshipers.