Trump Delivers Ad For MyPillow: “I Use it, I Sleep Well”

“Another one I know very well, he’s the single greatest ad buyer in the history of the world. And he also happens to make a very good product, his pillow. I use it. When I sleep well, I’m using his pillow.

“And these suckers are about to fall down but that’s OK because I know him very well. Mike, Mike Lindell, Mike, thank you. And he’s the chairman of our campaign.

“If I don’t win Minnesota with you as the chairman of our campaign, I would say that would be very bad for me. Because this guy can do anything.

“Thank you, Mike. It’s an honor and we appreciate it very much. You do a great job. Thank you. And it’s all made in Minnesota, right? All made in Minnesota.” – Trump, in a defacto commercial aired by Fox, where Lindell spends millions on ads.