Megachurch Pastor: God Knew You Need To Be “Inside And Unmasked” So He Made It “Very Hot” On Sunday

“There was a court order that granted this church — and this church alone — the right to meet indoors, and the powers of the city were not happy about that. They were going to be asking us to do two things — social distance and wear masks.

“We agreed, look, we’ll comply for a few weeks. They asked that for three weeks. We’re not wanting to be defiant. We will do what is reasonable.

“That was not enough for the city, so they went to the appellate court at the last minute on Saturday, late, and had that order removed. So the good news is you’re here, you’re not distancing, and you’re not wearing masks.

“And it’s also good news that you’re not outside, because it’s very hot out there. So the Lord knew you needed to be inside and unmasked. So he did us that gracious favor.” – Megachurch Pastor John MacArthur.

(Via The Friendly Atheist)