Cain Still Hospitalized After 27 Days, “Getting Better”

Just in from Herman Cain’s staff:

We know it’s been a few days since we last gave you an update on the boss. But he is still in the hospital being treated with oxygen for his lungs. In the meantime, the doctors say his other organs and systems are strong. Re-strengthening the lungs is a long and slow process, and the doctors want to be thorough about it. We’d like him to be able to come home now, which is frustrating, but we’re glad the doctors are being thorough and making sure they do the job right. Thank you for praying, everyone. Please keep doing it. He really is getting better, which means it is working.

Cain was hospitalized 27 days ago after attending Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was photographed without a mask in a throng of Trump supporters.

Two weeks ago Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, who also attended the rally without a mask, announced that he had tested COVID positive, but is asymptomatic.