UTAH: Gov Candidate Jon Huntsman Sick With COVID

Utah’s Deseret News reports:

Former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. said Wednesday he’s tested positive for COVID-19. One of four Republican candidates for governor on the June 30 primary ballot, Huntsman tweeted he has “been experiencing classic symptoms … like so many others, my goal is to keep my family safe. Though isolated temporarily, we’ve never been more energized in this important race for Governor. The work goes on!”

Huntsman, who tested negative for the novel coronavirus shortly before a gubernatorial candidate forum last month, had been tested again last Friday after a staffer was confirmed to have the disease. He was initially notified his results were negative, then told that was the “wrong” result, and later, that his test sample had been destroyed. Four others on the Huntsman campaign have tested negative, while two additional staffers tested positive.