NYC “On Track” For Phase 1 Opening Week Of June 8

Business Insider reports:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that New York City will begin reopening the week of June 8. “We will stay on track by focusing on the hotspots,” Cuomo said in a tweet. “We know down to the zip code where the infection rate is higher than average. We will meet the need where it is greatest.”

“I am proud of the way New York is figuring it out,” Cuomo added during a news conference. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also joined Cuomo’s briefing after the governor announced plans to reopen the city.

Under Phase I of the reopening plan, nonessential stores would be allowed to open for curbside pick-up, and nonessential construction and manufacturing can also resume. De Blasio said that as many as 400,000 people may return to work as the city begins reopening after being on lockdown for months.