INFIGHTING: Republicans Demand Return Of Donations After US House Candidate’s Racist Tweets Are Surfaced

The New York Times reports:

Always one to start a revolt, Representative Thomas Massie is now facing one down — from his own colleagues — less than two months away from his election. Mr. Massie, a libertarian from Kentucky known for his contrarian streak, last month drew the wrath of Democrats, Republicans and President Trump when he objected to the passage of a $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package without a recorded vote, forcing scores of lawmakers to defy public health guidance and drive or fly back to the Capitol amid the rapidly spreading pandemic.

The move so infuriated members of his own party that the third-ranking House Republican, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, donated to his primary challenger, Todd McMurtry, in a stunning repudiation of a sitting lawmaker by a member of the leadership.

Mr. McMurtry, a lawyer who gained prominence when he defended a Covington Catholic student who sued CNN over its coverage of his encounter with a Native American protester, has written and shared a series of Twitter posts and articles that contain racist tropes, anti-immigrant sentiment and transphobic material.

McMurtry appears to have scrubbed the tweets.