Sanders So Far Quiet On Primary Losses, AOC Gloomy

Axios reports:

The big question for Bernie Sanders after Tuesday night’s losses: Is there a path back to the Democratic nomination, or is Joe Biden’s trajectory unstoppable?

Notably, Sanders did not comment on the results. Pressure ramped up on him to concede and Biden carefully began to turn his remarks to the general election after extending his delegate lead in “Super Tuesday 2,” with wins in Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri and Idaho.

Biden, speaking in Philadelphia, made a measured pivot, saying he takes “nothing for granted” but that “this campaign is taking off” — and that he will speak to Americans later this week about addressing the coronavirus threat.

The Insider reports:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez conceded that Tuesday was a “tough night” for her chosen 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who suffered a series of devastating primary defeats.

“There’s no sugar-coating it. Tonight’s a tough night. Tonight’s a tough night electorally,” Ocasio-Cortez told about 8,000 viewers on Instagram Live on Tuesday night.

But the congresswoman declared “generational” victory, arguing that the future of the party supports the kind of radical change she and Sanders are pushing for and has already won “enormous, decisive arguments on many, many issues.”

Below is Sanders’ most-recent tweet.