Maine’s Bangor Daily News Endorses Amy Klobuchar

From the editorial board of the Bangor Daily News:

Bernie Sanders handily won the Maine Democratic caucuses in 2016, and it seems likely that he will win again. But there are better, real Democratic choices in the party’s March 3 presidential primary. We believe the best choice is Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Klobuchar is a centrist who earns praise from Republicans. This should be seen as a benefit, not a drawback at a time when both political parties too often move to their extremes and gridlock is a hallmark in Washington.

Klobuchar, the only candidate to speak to the Bangor Daily News editorial board, brings needed realism, a track record of hard work, and an understanding of rural America to the job. She also has a record of winning in more conservative rural areas and among swing voters, important qualities in a Democratic nominee.