Roy Moore: Muslims Should Be Expelled From Congress Because America Is Founded On God’s Holy Scriptures

“It’s a shame that we’ve got people in Congress that don’t even support American values and support Muslim theology, which is directly contrary to the United States Constitution. If they take an oath on the Koran, they take an oath on an instrument that violates religious freedom. They don’t recognize the God who gave religious freedom under our Constitution. And I think that’s a very big criticism of what they’re doing in Congress.

“They don’t care for religious liberty because their government just violates it. If you swear on the Koran, which does not allow religious liberty, does not support the Constitution of the United States – if you swear on the Koran, that contradicts the religious liberty given under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It was founded on the God of the Holy Scriptures.

“And we recognize historically that it was that God who gave religious freedom. That’s why you have religious freedom in our country, because that is outside of government interference, except under the Koran. So, I would say if they take an oath to the Koran – no, they should not serve in Congress.” – Alleged child molester and GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, supporting a resolution by the Alabama Republican Party calling for Rep. Ilhan Omar’s expulsion.