The Mooch: “Jackass” Trump Will Drop Out By March

Mediaite reports:

Anthony Scaramucci, the former (brief) communications director for President Donald Trump who has turned on the administration in recent days, gave an interview to Vanity Fair in which he presented a lofty psychoanalysis — including a prediction that Trump will drop out of the presidential race in March 2020.

“He’s gonna drop out of the race because it’s gonna become very clear. Okay, it’ll be March of 2020. He’ll likely drop out by March of 2020. It’s gonna become very clear that it’s impossible for him to win,” the Mooch predicted. “And is this the kind of guy that’s gonna want to be that humiliated and lose as a sitting president?”

“You’ve had quite the last few days,” said Vanity Fair’s William Cohan to Scaramucci. “Oh my god, this jackass. You know, it’s all good. I mean, it could be the best three or four days ever, actually,” responded Scaramucci, known for his love of media attention.