Karl Rove: AOC Is Vicious, Nasty, And Conceited

“The self-centeredness, and the conceit of this woman, who thinks that because she’s young, and everybody else is young, and she’s a left-winger and she knows a lot of other left-wingers, that somehow or another they are the greatest generation that America has ever seen, is just beyond me. But you know, we have to put up with her. I just wish we didn’t send as much attention to her.

“She is one of the most vicious, nasty people in politics. Did you see her tweet that was roughly around the same time? ‘The GOP is working to end democracy’ — the Republicans are working to end democracy, she tweets out. Really?  That there is a constructive edition to unifying, to our political dialogue, to unifying the country. Accuse your opponents of wanting to destroy America. Yeah, really good, really good.” – Karl Rove, speaking on Fox News.