Christian Site: Taylor Swift Is “Mocking Christianity”

Charisma News, the site best known here for its anti-witchcraft tutorials, its claim that the lifespan of gays is shortened by 20 years, its warning that burning breakfast eggs can summon demons, and its declaration that yoga is white witchcraft, today has a message on Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s latest music video is a lot to take in, from the bright colors to scantily dressed celebrities to the flaunting of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender icons. The video, while claiming to be inclusive, openly mocks Christians who protest homosexuality.

Christians in the video are presented as country hicks with bad style and rotting teeth. They also misspell “homosexuality” on their protest signs.

The video culminates in a call to action for viewers to sign a petition to support the Equality Act. While the “Equality Act,” which passed the House and now awaits Senate approval, may sound inclusive, religious freedom advocates say it’s anything but.

The clip has over 24 million views in 24 hours.