Giuliani Tweets Doctored Video Of “Drunk” Pelosi

The Daily Beast reports:

Just hours after having multiple senior aides vouch for his calm state of mind after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused him of a temper tantrum, President Trump took to Twitter late Thursday to push an edited video of the top Democrat supposedly “stammering” through a news conference, jumping on a conspiracy-theory bandwagon that had been raging on social media throughout the day.

The video, which was first aired by the Fox Business Network and appeared to have been cleverly edited to make Pelosi’s speech seem impaired, came after several doctored videos purporting to show a “drunk” Pelosi slurring her words spread like wildfire on social media, all while Trump tried to convince the public that Pelosi was not to be taken seriously because she is “crazy” and “a mess.”

The Huffington Post reports:

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani shared a doctored video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that had been making the rounds of right-wing media. Then, without irony, the personal attorney to President Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets on another matter that included a lecture on integrity.

“What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?” asked Giuliani in the initial tweet. “Her speech pattern is bizarre.” The video was among several altered to make her appear to be slurring her speech ― a fact that had been widely reported by the time Giuliani shared it.

Giuliani deleted the “drunk” tweet without apology.