Fox Defends Ingraham: She’s Just A “Fierce Protector” Of Free Speech (For Literal Nazis Booted Off Twitter)

CNN reports:

Fox News on Friday afternoon stood by Laura Ingraham after she defended a white supremacist and several other fringe people who have been banned or disciplined by large social media companies. During the segment, Ingraham displayed a graphic showing images of people she characterized as “prominent voices censored on social media.”

The graphic included Paul Nehlen, a white supremacist who has had his racism and anti-Semitism well documented. In April, for instance, he appeared on a podcast and admitted to wearing a shirt featuring Robert Bowers, the man accused of killing 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Following the backlash, Fox News released a statement saying it was “obscene to suggest” Ingraham had defended Nehlen. “Anyone who watches Laura’s show knows that she is a fierce protector of freedom of speech and the intent of the segment was to highlight the growing trend of unilateral censorship in America,” the Fox News statement added.