Politico Raves: Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Chasten Buttigieg Is Totally “Winning The 2020 Spouse Primary”

From a fascinating Politico profile:

Maybe the most noteworthy thing about Chasten Buttigieg’s sudden internet fame is that he has a public profile at all. At this stage in a presidential race, most candidates’ spouses are ornamental figures, taken gingerly out of the storage box for major announcements and gauzy videos, then stashed away until the call for the “60 Minutes” sit-down.

By contrast, the husband of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a constant presence, at least on Twitter, where he posts a steady stream of commentary in fluent millennialese.

Follow his account — as, at this writing, more than 108,000 people do — and you’ll learn that he is a father of dogs, a Harry Potter fan, a theater geek, an enamored husband with a knack for choosing the right GIF.  You’ll also see why, in some circles, he has taken on the status of folk hero.

That’s just the opening. Hit the link.