Benjamin Netanyahu: “Israel Belongs To Jews Alone”

Haaretz reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday the State of Israel belongs to the Jewish people alone, this in response to a comment by Israeli actress Rotem Sela, who wrote on social media that Israel is a country of all its citizens. Sela was commenting on an interview Culture Minister Miri Regev was giving on Channel 12’s “Meet the Press” program.

“Miri Regev sits there and explains to Rina Matzliach that the public needs to watch out, because if Benny Gantz is elected he’ll need to form a government with Arabs,” Sela wrote on her Instagram story, which reaches her 824,000 followers.

“Rina Matzliach stayed silent. And I ask myself why Rina doesn’t ask her in shock – ‘and what’s the problem with Arabs???’ Oh my god, there are also Arab citizens in this country.”

The Daily Sabah reports:

As the comments caused waves in Israel, Netanyahu again spoke of the issue at the start of a cabinet meeting, making similar comments. He called Israel a “Jewish, democratic state” with equal rights, but “the nation-state not of all its citizens, but only of the Jewish people”.

Netanyahu has been accused of demonising Israeli Arabs, who make up some 17.5 percent of the population, ahead of April polls in a bid to boost right-wing turnout. He has continually warned that his opponents will receive the support of Arab parties and that they will make significant concessions to the Palestinians.

NOTE: The Daily Sabah is pro-Erdogan Turkish outlet.