Australian PM Calls For Assault Charges For Far-Right Senator Who Punched Teenage Boy Who Egged Him

NBC News reports:

Australia’s prime minister has suggested an anti-Muslim senator should be charged after he hit a teen who cracked a raw egg over the legislator’s head. Sen. Fraser Anning has been widely condemned for blaming Muslim immigration for racist attacks on two New Zealand mosques that claimed at least 50 lives.

The 17-year-old boy who egged Anning has become an online hero. Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday took the side of the egger, telling reporters: “The full force of the law should be applied to Sen. Anning.”

Police allege the 17-year-old, who calls himself “Egg Boy” online, assaulted the senator with the egg. Anning “retaliated and struck the teen twice” before the boy was dragged to the ground by Anning supporters, a police statement said.

At this writing the GoFundMe to reward Egg Boy and to buy him “more eggs” stands over $33,000 AUD, which is about $24,000 USD. The hashtag #Eggboy has trended globally on Twitter all weekend.