Top Pence Aide Apologizes For Old Column Attacking The “Perverted Lifestyles” Of People With HIV/AIDS

The Daily Beast reports:

Vice President Mike Pence’s incoming chief of staff Marc Short disparaged people living with HIV and AIDS and claimed that the transmission of the disease was largely the result of “repugnant” homosexual intercourse in an early ’90s column for his college newspaper.

Writing in a conservative publication at Washington & Lee University, Short criticized what he called “the propaganda campaign ignited by gay activists and carelessly perpetuated by journalists whose intent is to scare all heterosexuals into believing they are prime targets for contraction of the disease.” “The campaign’s purpose,” Short wrote, “is both to lobby Congress for more federal funding of AIDS research and to destigmatize the perverted lifestyles homosexuals pursue.”

“I regret using language as an undergraduate college student that was not reflective of the respect I try to show others today,” Short said in a statement to The Daily Beast on Tuesday. “We have all learned a lot about AIDS over the past 30 years and my heart goes out to all the victims of this terrible disease.”

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