Facebook CEO Floats Crowd-Sourced Fact-Checking

The Guardian reports:

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he is considering crowd sourcing as a new model for Facebook’s third-party fact checking partnerships. “I think that the real thing that we want to try to get to over time is more of a crowdsourced model where people, it’s not that people are trusting some sort, some basic set of experts who are accredited but are in some kind of lofty institution somewhere else. It’s like do you trust?”

Brooke Binkowski, former managing editor of Snopes, a factchecking site that previously partnered with Facebook, said Zuckerberg’s comments signaled that he “has learned nothing at all”. “You can’t apply an open-source model to fact checking and journalism,” she said. “You have to have experts. You can’t just have Joe Schmo who thinks that the New York Times is a liberal rag, just because Trump says it’s the enemy of the people.”