REPORT: Kremlin Greenlighted Infiltration Of NRA

The Daily Beast reports:

The Kremlin has long denied that it had anything to do with the infiltration of the NRA and the broader American conservative movement. A U.S. intelligence report reviewed by The Daily Beast tells a different story.

Alexander Torshin, the Russian central bank official who spent years aggressively courting NRA leaders, briefed the Kremlin on his efforts and recommended they participate, according to the report. Its existence and contents have not previously been reported.

While there has been speculation that Torshin and his protegée, Maria Butina, had the Kremlin’s blessing to woo the NRA — and federal prosecutors have vaguely asserted that she acted “on behalf of the Russian federation” — no one in the White House or the U.S. intelligence community has publicly stated as much.

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