WH Was Unaware Of Acting AG’s Link To Scam Outfit

The Washington Post reports:

Whitaker’s connection to World Patent Marketing came as a surprise to both senior Justice Department and White House officials, several officials said. In their investigation, FTC staff had sought to learn more about the role played by the company’s advisory board members, including Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney whose role was prominently highlighted by the company in news releases and marketing materials.

The company said the board would help review inventors’ ideas to maximize their ability to get rich, according to promotional materials and former customers. In truth, the board did not meet and rarely reviewed inventors’ ideas, according to court documents. Whitaker, however, appeared to act at times as an attorney for the company, according to people with knowledge of his role.

Yesterday the FBI formally launched a criminal investigation into the company. Last night Rachel Maddow went to town on that.