Laura Ingraham Condemns Multi-Language Ballots

“I don’t wear the ‘I voted’ sticker. I mean, this is not, like, Iraq circa 2000 where you have to have the purple finger. OK, we get it, you voted. And, by the way, when I was there, I sent out a picture of the welcome sign as you walked in. So it was in Korean, right? And it was in Spanish, of course. English, and then another language I didn’t even recognize. I don’t know what the other language was. Anyway, I tweeted it out.

“I thought we encouraged people to assimilate. How is it that, when you come to the country and you become a citizen, you still cannot speak the language? I don’t understand that. That should be a basic requirement. Little kids are always going to learn it, so you don’t have to worry about children. But, if you’re an adult, and you become a naturalized citizen, and you can’t read the name of Tim Kaine or Corey Stewart, what? That doesn’t seem right.” – Laura Ingraham, on today’s radio show.