Fox News: Early Voting Turnout Points To Blue Wave

Just out from Fox News:

Early voting numbers show a dramatic increase in voter engagement in this year’s midterm elections compared with 2014 totals, and preliminary turnout results in some states are sending Republicans renewed warnings of a so-called “blue wave” just weeks before Election Day.

More than 4.3 million Americans have already voted, and results posted over the weekend by Nevada’s secretary of state indicate a strong Democratic showing across the board in that state. In Washoe County, where Reno is located and where Republicans hold an edge in voter registration (99,675 to 94,520), 3,409 Democrats voted in-person compared with 2,365 Republicans on Saturday.

For Republicans, there were worrying signs that even President Trump’s star power, which has propelled several candidates to victory in key primaries this midterm season as he barnstorms across the country, might have a limited impact. The president held a major rally in Elko County, Nevada on Saturday, but despite urging the estimated 8,000 attendees to the polls and making a major foreign policy announcement immediately afterwards, only 435 people in Elko County voted that day.