Tom Arnold Scuffles With Producer Of The Apprentice

Variety reports:

The tension between Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett boiled over into a physical altercation at Sunday’s Evening Before Emmy party, a fundraiser for the Motion Picture Television Fund. Details of the incident are still unclear. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Burnett and Arnold arrived at the event held at the Lawn at Century Park at around 9:30 p.m. As both men were walking into the event, a scuffle ensued. A source with knowledge of the situation said it involved shoving but it was unclear who made the first move. Arnold claimed Burnett tried to choke him.

TMZ reports:

Burnett’s wife, Roma Downey says Arnold “tried to ambush” her and Mark. She says Arnold hurt her and she posted a pic of a bruise on her hand, claiming Arnold was the culprit. Arnold has been working on a show for Vice, a show about so-called “hidden Trump tapes.” One of the things Arnold is after is the outtakes from “The Apprentice,” which Burnett created and produces. Arnold believes the tapes reveal Trump using the n-word and other epithets. Burnett has said he has no access to the tapes because they’re owned by MGM.