MASSACHUSETTS: Scott Lively Loses GOP Gov Primary

Boston Magazine reports:

Scott Lively, a pastor from Springfield notorious for his fixation on exposing “the gay agenda,” has lost his long-shot bid to unseat Charlie Baker and win the Republican nomination for Massachusetts governor. But he did, however, manage to get about a third of voters in the state’s GOP primary to support him.

For those unfamiliar with this guy, his contributions to bigotry around the world are impressive. They include a book called The Pink Swastika that assigns blame for the Holocaust to a shadowy homosexual cabal, and a tour through Uganda that inspired a vicious crackdown on that country’s LGBT community and ensnared Lively in a lawsuit alleging he committed alleging he committed a crime against humanity.

TIME Magazine reports:

Lively, who has called Trump “God’s man in the White House,” qualified for the primary ballot by receiving support from nearly 28 percent of delegates to the Republican state convention in April, well above the required 15 percent threshold.

He frequently called Baker a RINO, a Republican in name only, but had little money or staff to mount a serious challenge to the well-financed incumbent.

“I think (Lively’s) point of view on a lot of things … especially with regard to gay people, don’t belong in public discourse or any kind of discourse,” said Baker, who otherwise paid little attention to his primary challenger.