CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Florida Man now has a walking tour.

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

Dressed in a tie, a straw fedora and linen pants, Eric Hughes guided a dozen people along the RiverWalk and downtown sidewalks of Tampa. The librarian, 43, tied together Tampa histories with a thread of newsy weirdness known as the Florida Man phenomenon — wacky headlines in which a “Florida man” commits an outlandish crime. In his opinion, the city is lacking in regular walking tour options, and he’s hoping to change that by injecting a little Florida Man into the mix.

Using skills honed as a part of the WIT Improv troupe, and in character as Bryce Everglade, a certified “Level 5 Florida Man,” he told “true” first-person tales of siphoning gas from a police cruiser and the time he burned down a meth lab while trying to ignite his own flatulence. He displayed the real-life news stories on a tablet to remind the group that while Bryce Everglade is a character, Florida Man really is out there somewhere.