NYPD Pilots Flew Spy Plane In Route Shaped Like “Giant Penis” To Troll Supervisor Watching On Flight Tracker

The New York Post reports:

Five NYPD pilots were so ­angry at their supervisor that they used a $4 million, federally funded spy plane to fly a route shaped like a giant penis, The Post has learned.

Inspector James Coan, head of the Aviation Unit, learned of the phallic airborne artwork from his minions, who discovered the lewd pattern on the department’s flight-tracking software, sources said. He alerted NYPD brass, and the pilots were disciplined following a departmental hearing — with two getting bounced from the unit.

The raunchy route came amid a feud between the pilots and Coan over whether the single-engine Cessna was safe to fly over open water — which is why the feds paid for it in the first place, according to the sources.