Hannity Rants About “Selective Persecution” [VIDEO]

“Don’t be friends with Donald Trump? Is this not now the ‘witch hunt’ the president has been saying, an attempt to turn the screws as Judge Ellis said about Manafort to would-be witnesses to find dirt on one man? In other words so that they will sing or compose to either prosecute or impeach the President of the United States. And if so, how is that not political, selective, persecution and not prosecution?

“I don’t care if you are liberal or conservative we better look at where the country is today. We learned lessons. Pay your taxes, don’t lie on a loan application, don’t lie to the F.B.I. But this is it? Robert Mueller, are you proud of this? Did we need you for 500 days for this? How did we go from Russia collusion to this? Where’s the Russia stuff?” – Sean Hannity, claiming that Cohen was “forced by prosecutors” to change his story.