Falwell: I’ve Personally Begged Trump To Fire Sessions

Politico reports:

Jerry Falwell Jr., a top conservative religious leader, said Monday he urged President Donald Trump to fire Jeff Sessions over his handling of investigations into Russian election meddling, saying the attorney general has lost evangelicals’ support.

“He really is not on the president’s team, never was,” Falwell, the president of Liberty University, said of Sessions. “He’s wanted to be attorney general for many, many years. I have a feeling he took a gamble and supported the president because he knew he would reward loyalty.”

Falwell said he has urged the president to fire Sessions and told POLITICO he plans to bring up the subject again Monday evening at a small gathering with Trump and the first lady. Later, Falwell and dozens of other faith leaders will attend a formal White House dinner celebrating the evangelical community.

About tonight’s big event:

A source close to the White House tells CBN News President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will host a huge state-like dinner tonight at the White House for roughly 100 evangelical leaders. They want to honor the contributions evangelicals have made to American life.

Many senior administration advisors will be in attendance along with more than one-third of Cabinet members. Members of the White House’s faith advisory group will be there, including Pastor Robert Jeffress who appeard on CBN’s Faith Nation to talk about the event.