Ted Nugent Blames School Shootings On Junk Food

“On my Facebook page right now I have highlighted a documentary that concludes — and you cannot escape the reality, the diet of these children, from birth — you talk about ADD and autism. It’s a direct result, in more cases than not, I believe in the 90 plus percentile, a diet of sugars and chemicals and fake garbage that doesn’t allow them to think properly. If you really look at the pharmaceutical attack on our children, trying to compensate for a diet that is absolutely poisonous.

“And in every instance, you mark my words when the studies are finalized, you will find that Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, certainly Sandy Hook, these maniac murderers in Parkland and now Santa Fe, if you really studied the slovenliness and the zombie-like conduct of these murderers, you go back to their diet and examine what they’ve put into their sacred temple, and it’s all garbage, it’s all poison.

“I know a lot of people are going to pooh-pooh what I’m saying, but go to my Facebook right now and examine this documentary. We have destroyed the diet of our country and all around the world including Africa and Australia, what used to be healthy, athletic, self-sufficient individuals are now obese, slovenly, train wrecks where they can’t even take care of themselves.” – NRA board member Ted Nugent, speaking yesterday on Newsmax TV.

So far right wingers have blamed school shootings on video games, abortion, divorce, atheism, too many doors, and now junk food. What’s left?