Rudy Giuliani: We’d Limit Trump’s Mueller Interview To Two To Three Hours Around A Narrow Set Of Questions

The Washington Post reports:

In an interview with The Post, former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani — who is now serving as Trump’s lead personal attorney dealing with the special counsel — said the president did not force Ty Cobb to leave. “It was just time for him to go, but he’s still going to be available to us,” Giuliani said. He added that Jay Sekulow, another member of Trump’s legal team, “had the most to do with it.”

Giuliani said the president and the White House need a “more aggressive” approach as the special counsel pressures Trump for a sit-down interview. He said that Trump’s legal team is going to push Mueller to demonstrate what evidence he has and limit his questions for the president. “Some people have talked about a possible 12-hour interview,” he said, adding, “That’s not going to happen, I’ll tell you that. It’d be, max, two to three hours around a narrow set of questions.”