DOJ Rejects House Freedom Caucus Demand To See Unredacted Mueller Memo On Scope Of Russia Probe

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Department of Justice has sent a letter to the leaders of the House Freedom Caucus declining their request to see the unredacted version of a memo detailing the scope of the special counsel’s Russia probe.

In the letter, obtained by the Washington Examiner, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd writes: “Although we are working to accommodate the requests of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in a number of oversight matters, we cannot provide the requested information pertaining to the Special Counsel’s ongoing investigation consistent with longstanding principles of investigatory independence.”

Turning over the unredacted memo would “threaten the integrity” of Mueller’s investigation, the letter reads. It would also violate Justice Department policy of “against confirming or denying information about active investigations,” wrote Boyd.