Perkins Shrugs At Pruitt Flap: There’s Nothing There

Hate group leader Tony Perkins appeared on CNN last night to again give Trump a mulligan on Stormy Daniels and to defend Scott Pruitt. According to Perkins, Pruitt is doing more for Trump’s agenda than any other cabinet member.

CNN reports:

Evangelical leader Tony Perkins defended Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt on Friday against a growing list of ethics controversies, saying he does not believe “there’s anything there.”

“I’ve spoken to a number of these Cabinet secretaries who are being threatened and harassed when they get on planes and they’re flying in coach,” he said. “He’s getting eight times the number of threats his predecessor got.” “This is how vicious things have become in the polarized political environment,” Perkins added. “So I think you have to look at that all in the context of personal security.”

Perkins denied he was being selective with Pruitt’s controversies, but went on to highlight the EPA chief’s success at accomplishing the Trump administration’s agenda. “The President likes him,” he said. “It’s been good for business. The left is upset with him. They’re going to find anything they can. And if there’s anything there, I believe it will come out.”